Waterproofing in Michigan

Even though most of us in Michigan expect the unexpected when it comes to weather, many people weren’t prepared for the massive floods we experienced recently.  These record-breaking floods left thousands of residents underwater in more ways than one, faced with significant property losses due to water and mold damage.  Even those that had flood insurance weren’t fully compensated for everything, due to depreciation of goods.  Some people asked, ‘Is there anything I could have done to better save my belongings?’  The answer is yes.  If these individuals had waterproofed their basements, they would not have been forced to throwing away valuable furniture, clothing, mementos, and other treasures.

Keeping things safe and dry

Even if you don’t have a finished basement, it still pays to waterproof.  Most of us store all kinds of items in our basement, due to convenience and a lack of storage space.  You may have lived in your home for over 20 years with no water seepage in the basement, but that doesn’t mean you are out of the woods.  Every now and then the weather in Michigan produces astronomical amounts of rain and snow, leaving property wreckage in its wake.   It’s something even the Farmer’s Almanac can’t predict.  You can be sitting enjoying a sunset and a light rainfall one minute, and taking cover from torrential rainfall the next.  In August, Governor Rick Snyder had to declare a state of emergency in numerous cities across the state.  Many people had to leave their homes temporarily because items such as their furnaces and laundry equipment were flooded.  You can’t always anticipate flooding, which is why the best defense is a good offense.

To the rescue

If you want to be better prepared for the next heavy rainfall, you can do so by calling Waterproofing in Michigan.  Our trained professionals are fully licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We will come to your home and perform a complete waterproofing assessment on your basement.  Next, we will set up a convenient time to waterproof your property, leaving you 100% protected from water and mold damage.  While others are leaving their property on the curb, yours will be safe and dry.  We guarantee our work and provide you with a 10-year warranty on all materials and labor.  We don’t just waterproof your basement, we give you peace of mind so you don’t have to throw valuable furniture and collectibles away.  Waterproofing is a total money saver.  Call the waterproofing experts at 734-548-9929 for your free consultation, or visit our website at waterproofinginmi.com.